Wednesday, September 2, 2009

So many roles

We do play many roles in a lifetime, don't we?

Apart from being son,brother,husband (may be boyfriend in case of lucky ones)etc, we play citizen, friend, co-worker, student, employee, father, uncle, etc.. in different stages of our lives. Often these roles inter mingle and run parallel, even as we try to fit in each "character". It's like signing a bunch of movies and working in multi star cast movies at the same time. And we keep adding roles even as we hold on to the old ones..

We either perform the roles good,bad, better or worse than other roles. I wonder if there's a role we are meant to fit to T. As in, is a good employee necessarily a good friend? Or a good student necessarily a good citizen?

If I had to take stock of all of my roles would it be possible to rank them in ascending order. Can I say at some point, I was a bad husband but a good friend? I was a better citizen than an employee? I don't know. It's all relative and all world's a stage.

I don't know what role I have enjoyed the most so far or what role I fit most. It is quite possible I haven't been good in any roles, or may be good in all roles in parts. Who knows? The truth may be somewhere in between those two extremes!

I feel like not being too hard on my self sometimes. It's hard enough that I have to keep up with all characters.

As Woody Allen said - "90% of life is showing up"... Of course, I think I would like to do more than just show up.

And of course this post is..ultra random!

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