Thursday, August 27, 2009


There's a simple Marathi term called - Yog. I don't have a good English equivalent of this word; but I find it neat. It is basically used to define 'opportune time' or 'right time'. As in the time is ripe for such and such thing.

I like it because it encompasses a lot in those 3 letters.

Things happen when the time is right. Or it's time for it to happen. So no point forcing or trying to create or manufacture a situation to 'get it'.

Let me add some context to this bull shit I am doing here.

Me and my wife have been planning a Europe trip for sometime. But every now and then something comes up and we are unable to execute the plan. (I should note that my wife is more keen than me to go to Europe)

I have tried to rationalize this using the term Yog. I have been telling her that when we have the Yog of going to Europe we will. But for now lets enjoy where we are.

And she's been cool about it. We have enjoyed all our vacations in US. From the Hawaiis to the Key Wests and the Montanas, they have been great personal explorations and discoveries. And have been worth our dime.

One of the places I am very keen to go in the US is Alaska. Let's see when the Yog comes.

I stumbled upon a book called '1000 must visit places on Earth' (or something of that order). And let me be honest. I am not infinitely enamored by all the hype that surrounds these tourist places. For me the important thing is, I should feel refreshed after a vacation. Then it doesn't matter if it's Mt. Macha Pichu or our good old Lake Geneva 60 miles north.

Vacation = Mind set. If I can get in good mood, enjoy a couple of beers, engage into something refreshing and/or just simply relax, I am good.

So coming back to Europe, may be we are keeping the best for the last. Our Yog of going to Europe will come in a way when the time is best to enjoy it most, I guess.


Blue Bike said...

This is a personal opinion ... I'd try to keep euro trip very close to my retirement during the remainder of my 20's and 30's I'd prefer visiting the places less travelled ... This year it was Peru ... couple of years from now it should be turkey... maybe a lot of southeast asia then Ghana, ukraine etc.

Developed world has so many facilities ... you can enjoy them when you're old and rich :) when you're young you can still tolerate those crammy rooms and bad food

kautilya said...

@Blue Bike : Good one. Turkey is def on my list. I m not too sure about Ukraine :D
Btw Peru wud have been awesome. Have been fascinated by S.America after watching 'The motorcycle diaries'