Tuesday, August 18, 2009

End of NRIism

Swapan Das Gupta is brilliant or what? I mean there's a reason this guy is head and shoulders above the NDTV / IBN live TV columnists.

Himself an NRI at some stage of his life, (studied and lived in London for few years), he captures the current state of NRIs with compelling ease.
Until the early 1990s, India was home to a middle-class that lived in a state of permanent deprivation. However much we loved our country and waved the flag on the few occasions India won a Test match, our Third World status confronted us incessantly. Although life was never as unbearable as in the Communist bloc, we lacked those little luxuries that make drudgery bearable.
'we lacked those little luxuries that make drudgery bearable.'.. How very true!
To the NRI confronted with a precarious descent into obscurity, there is only a small solace: interventions on the net.
One word. FANTASTIC.

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