Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday pop tarts

@ Have a sore finger from playing volleyball at company picnic. But can type; Which is a pre-requisite for any job in 21st century I guess.

@ Looking to watch some old mindless Govinda Movies. They are available on Netflix. They can be a good break from monotony of heavy/intense movies.

@ Not sure what's the criteria for "Cash For Clunkers". My wife's Accord gives a mileage of less than 19 gallons. So it *is* a gas guzzler after all.Could have been a good candidate.

@ I am so NOT following all this health care fuss. I am completely checked-out from National news here. Don't have the stomach. My only source of current affairs is the NPR radio, I listen to while driving to and from Metra Station. That is all of 20 mins.

@ 'S' sent 2 pictures from the Alumni get-together in India. Boy!, people have grown pouch. We are now officially into the "Uncle" zone.(Moi included)

@ Chicago is expected to hit mid-90s tomorrow. It became a 'talking point' on Lunch@Work. Simply coz Chicagoans can't handle HEAT.

@ Just remembered, Summer is called "Dhoop-Kala" in Nagpur. And so far I have enjoyed my "Dhoop Kala" in Chicago. (What an awesome term!)

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