Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Wither BJP

Whats happening with BJP is slightly disappointing for me but not entirely surprising. After all nothing fails like failure.

BJP is in a tail spin after the Jaswant Singh episode. And Arun Shourie's latest interview, to NDTV is most depressing to say the least. I have had highest regards for Mr.Shourie and his work. But his outburst and that too to a channel like NDTV (which has a glee all over) is shocking.

Nevertheless, with BJP down and possibly out, Sonia madams monarchy has no serious challengers and is all set for a long haul. Monarchy is strong and kicking. Not that it had any serious challenge anyways, with national media firmly behind it all along.

It's sad for democracy in general that an alternative pole is diminished into irrelevance. And one party rule, with monopolistic mind-set at that, can only spell trouble.

Anyways, Indians are getting what they voted for. So no point ranting.. (this last note is for me).

Disappointing nevertheless.

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