Friday, September 4, 2009

'More dangerous than Swine Flu'

I couldn't help but ROTFL by this awesome comment..

'YSR is dengerous than SWINE FLUE'.. Link

On a more sombre note.. Slimes Times of India reported that..
[..]Telugu television channels estimated that 67 people died of shock on hearing the news of their leader's death in a horrific air crash Thursday or committed suicide, unable to bear the loss.

YSR, as the late leader was popularly known, has surpassed in death the popularity of actor and Telugu Desam Party (TDP) founder N.T. Rama Rao who died in 1996.
"Surpassed in death the popularity.."???????? Am I reading this right? In other words, since 67 people died hearing the news, which is probably more than NTR's score, YSR was a bigger killer hero?

My God people!!

I am speechless really.

I am posting this under..'It happens only in India'. The reason being, in India, people, specially the poor ones, are conditioned to believe Government and their leaders are their Mai-Baaps. These leaders are demi-gods who can sway these folks the way they want. Part of the reason being, Government has such awesome authority and hold over ordinary people's lives, they have no choice but to beg,crawl and genuflect. No wonder Socialistic mindset rules the roost even today. Government control is complete and unchallenged.

And since, these Mai-Baaps decide the fate of people, who better to worship than these Gods.

And as regards to YSR's sudden death, quite frankly, I find the deaths of those 5 people accompanying him more tragic. I mean the deaths of the pilot and the secretary who were forced to go in a Chopper in bad weather, ostensibly because 'God' YSR, wanted to visit some village in his personal Pushpak...

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