Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Good one

Obama's speech on health care tonight was good. It was measured, and my fear that he is being pushed towards extreme left by his own base was unfounded.

Which is cool. I have argued that you have to rule from center as far as possible. Some of the most popular Presidents have been centrists. Right from Kennedy to Clinton.

He found his voice tonight. He was assertive but not aggressive. He came out as the 'good guy'. Anyhow, the real trouble for Obama is not from Republicans. They are a lost cause for a few years atleast. It's really from his own base. If he can handle them smartly he is in for a long haul.

Reminds me of a famous quote I read about Winston Churchill.

Faced with hostile parliament once, the invincible Churchill stood up to deliver his speech. He said, if you want to look at my enemies, don't look on that side (pointing to the opposition benches), look behind me. They are my real enemies.

Only Churchill could have said that. O, a person of history can take a cue.

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