Friday, September 25, 2009

It's Friday again

5 Year Celebration : Was chatting with a friend yesterday and he told me he completed 5 years in the same company. I congratulated him but at the same time it struck me, how is that a cause for celebration. I mean the previous generation folks would stick to same job (often to same desk and same chair) for 30 years and carry that as a badge of honor. Not anymore I guess; we now have 5 year anniversary, and that's a big deal. If you stick around 5 years, you are already loyal. Except may be in Japan where they still join and retire from same company (or otherwise commit suicide, which ever comes first)

Leno : Had some guts calling Rush Limbaugh on the show few days back. What a freaking jerk that Rush guy is. Wonder why NBC even allowed Leno to go with it?

Hmmm I see : So "The US Senate on Thursday voted unanimously to triple non-military aid to Pakistan to $1.5 billion per annum till 2014". OK, so lets get this straight. They are tripling the aid AND moving out of Afghanistan? Whoa! Talk of unleashing some Pak on us ..

Contributing : Coming days we intend to make some heavy duty contribution to the economy. Our visit to Ashley and Sears and Costco may just be the beginning of a long winter of shopping. It's exciting and tiring at the same time to think of it.

Punjabiyat : An overdose of that in the new Yash Raj Hadippa movie was what got me. Although the theater was full (what a surprise!) and I noticed there were lot of Pakistanis in it. The underlying theme of movie is Indo-Pak cricket matches. On a side note, the stupid pop-corn cost more than the ticket.

Was Wondering : If things have come to such a stage that I have more online friends than offline. I need to write something about this social networking thing in a new post (as if I don't BS enuf). My father still beats me hands down with his friend circle and social network, and he doesn't have to login in Facebook/Linked etc. How he manages such an awesome network at this age, is amazing.


Rathchakra said...

Good listeee..
Amreeka's green packages to Pak : When oh when will the Yankees learn...not in this lifetime.

LOL on Yash Raj's Hadippa....and the Paki crowd - I know Rani is huge across the border...(have some Paki friends who are all ga-ga over her)...maybe we should send her across the border...ek teer mein do nishaan...

kautilya said...

ek teer mein do nishaan