Friday, September 18, 2009


Hadippa : My wife is pushing me to watch new Yash Chopra movie - 'Dil Bole Hadippa'. I am not sure how to bail myself out. The theatre is right next door. She's incentivizing me saying, 'Rani wears a bikini in the movie..'; how shallow am I, she thinks? Well can't blame her.. but only if I was a Rani fan.

Foosball : I thought I had lost that art. But I beat 2 or 3 good players last week. Looks like I found my Mojo. I will be shooting from all cylinders today..

Pani Puri : The Bombay Chat House guyz don't know what Pani Puri is. They kill it. My mom makes the best Pani Puris in the world. Period.

Fall : Looks like Chicago skipped a few weeks of Summer and has entered Fall pretty soon. The air feels wintry already. :/

House Inspection : I got a feeling, thats just a formality. If your seller has decided to screw you up, nothing can stop it. It's not possible to check each and everything. But I want to trust Humanity for once.

Patriots : What an ass-**** Brady is. He made possible two touch downs in last 2 mins of game against Buffalos. Made an ass out of them.

Festive Season : It's right around the corner (in India). We miss it here. We'll be visiting some temples to get in the grove. Specially since I like Dosa at Aurora Temple and Samosa chat at Swaminarayan.


Rathchakra said...

Good luck for Hadippa....

And house inspection - I would recommend to go with it, its not the seller trying to screw the buyer, sometimes the seller might not genuinely know there is a termite infestation or a damaged roof, or rusted plumbing or an about to go bust water heater. A few hundred up front can save thousands. Depending on who choose for the inspection, the inspectors indeed do a thorough job. Also legally the seller cannot hide damages to the house (in most states), he stands only to loose by doing so. It's in the best interest of both parties to get it inspected (unless of course the inspection company is a scam).

kautilya said...

Yeh, I had a home inspection. Actually I wrote this, post-inspection. you are right, it's the correct thing to do.