Sunday, September 6, 2009

Weekend Tweets

Nut Jobs : The conservative idiots are now opposing Obama's speech to students. They fear 'indoctrination' of their kids. Freaking morons; If O is asking your dude to stay in school and study hard, that indoctrination is WELCOME, no? Idiots.

Woohooo : Brazil beat Argentina to qualify for WC next year. This is swell. Brazil is my favorite team in Soccer and Argentina is one of my least favourites. What more, Argentines are gasping for breath. They are close to being eliminated..

American Dream : Or something like that. Chasing that and finding a home in suburbs is a painful process. Specially when one of your innate traits is - impatience.

Fantasy Football : I have no clue why I joined it.

Cross Training : C is teaching me Italian, L is teaching me Spanish and I am teaching them Hindi. "Are you Happy" is 'Estas Feliz' in spanish as it is 'Lei Felechi' in Italinos. And quite frankly 'I am' or 'Si' :)

Bollywood Hollywood : C and his wife are hooked to Bollywood movies, and we are running out of giving him more Cheesy recommendations on netflix. Coz Bollywood is slowly turning.. non-Bollywood. And those guyz are smitten by colors and song and dance and..everything that till date, defined quintessential Bollywoodness..

Magic Jack : Is one helluva cool thing. My parents and in-laws are having a ball. Talking back home was never so easy...

YSR Shock : My friend told me that the pilot Satish Reddy who died in chopper crash was his uncle. He had recently retired from Armed Forces on insistence of his family to stay back with them in Hyderabad. In Kargil war he survived a plane crash a few times and had close call with death. The irony is he died in a civilian role. Fate has a strange sense of ...

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