Monday, September 14, 2009

Sau Chuhe Khake...

So the Congress Party is now giving us lessons in austerity it seems. Right from the 'Top'.
The Congress' austerity drive received a giant push on Monday. Sonia Gandhi flew on an economy-class ticket from Delhi to Mumbai to inaugurate a new party office.

On Tuesday, Rahul Gandhi will travel by train to Ludhiana for an official function. So clearly, the Gandhis want to lead the austerity drive by example.
I understand this symbolism; specially when people in India are reeling under extreme price rise (thanks to inept handling of essential goods inflation by these "austerity drivers" by the way)

This drama does not surprise me one bit though. This same family claims 'not to own a Car' in it's declaration to Election authorities.

Sau Chuhe Khake...

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