Thursday, September 3, 2009


Yep, this is as close as you can get to put the finger on the pulse. This commentator has done exactly that. He has spelt out what's ailing the country right now. The 'ideologues'. And mind you, on both sides. (The word 'both' is significant)
[..], we tend to listen only to like-minded opinions as media fragmentation encourages us to filter out varying perspectives. If you're a liberal, you avoid FOX News. If you're a conservative you revile MSNBC. The dynamic is even more pronounced online, where a niche media source can be found for any outlook.
The fringe extremes on both ends has taken over the debate thus rendering any reasonable, moderate, centrist approach, impotent.

I like his second point in explanation.
Second, our lifestyles favor knee-jerk reactions. The way we think, work and live in the Digital Age demands we quickly categorize information without investing time into rich interaction, research and understanding.
Yep, perfect.

America is not a monolithic society like say Sweden or Switzerland. Moreover it is huge in size and population compared to other western puny little nation-states. Most of them having at most one big metropolis to 'brag' about. It's racially and socially diverse nation. To compare it with other puny ones is apple and oranges. Can't apply a readymade template and go for cut-copy-paste.

Hence it is all the more imperative for a ruling formation to tread a centrist path so as to accommodate maximum views. (Clinton was popular for a reason. He chose to become a centrist, reconciling figure) If one administration tries to push something down a vast majority people's throat, it risks loosing the goodwill of independents (and political agnostics)

When you are driving at full speed, it's dangerous to take a sharp left (or for that matter right) turn. Omaba's 'advisers' should have known better.

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