Thursday, February 19, 2009

Whats with him?

I had made a deal with myself of not writing about Obama (or news related to him) for a while because my wife made me realize that I have been rambling about Obama for long time in last one year or so. I needed an Obama-break. But looks like the world around me won't allow that to happen and I will need to dis-honor that self contract ...

So now this Chomsky guy; looks like he has some issues with O and his policies too.
Noam Chomsky, by the way, was one the leading lights of hate-Bush campaign for last 8 years and his quotes, thoughts and opinion were liberally (pun intended) quoted in blogosphere. He can be quite a polarizing figure.

And that is why I got a little surprised when he had to say this about Obama : "I think Obama looks more aggressive and violent than Bush."

... ugh!!

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