Sunday, February 22, 2009

Random sh*t

Some news items are plain hilarious.

And I am not sure what to make of this tragi-comic melodrama going in Haryana state in India. The state's Deputy Chief Minister first vanishes. Then few weeks later he emerges with his mistress in his shadows, who's now his wife. But then our hero also wants to keep his first marriage legal. So he and she convert to Islam (How convenient!)

Both these love birds change their names too - to Chand and Fiza - (lol... and it's not over) and then less than 3 months into their honey moon period both are at each others' throat, lashing out publicly. Fiza even fakes a suicide attempt, apparently.

And as if that drama was not enough, we have last heard, Chand, our Casanova Bond fled to London to get some "medical treatment". (Uh oh)

I particularly liked what our little damsel-in-distress had to say about all this...

Fiza lashed out at the Mohali police accusing them of not taking action in the case. "Police is working under is shameful," she told reporters.

Well first of all - Duh! Your dude is the deputy CM, isn't he? Don't you, like, know at all, how it works? Police and all?

And... btw, did you mention the word "shameful"?? Whoa..some grand standing there, lady!

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