Friday, February 27, 2009



This Linkedin thing. It can bring you down...sometimes.

Like the other day I accepted a request from an old buddy to join his Linkedin network. We were roomies at one point during my bachelor days. This dude is now like a god-freaking-Sr-VP-Sr-Director.... or some shit like that in some god-damn company in India. And then later today I got another such "request" from another dick-head I worked with not long time back. I hear he is a Senior fking Director in some company in California.

OK! So I get it. The world around me is moving fast. And I have been sleeping on my ass (which i usually do and am good at) and quite clearly I am in no hurry to catch up. Not a day sooner..

I'd say, who the f cares. As long as I have my fortnightly salary being deposited, I am ok. Yeah, tha'll work for a while. Reminds me of that episode from Seinfeld though
Seinfeld : Newman, you give up too easy...!! Newman : I usually do.


Same old story. A super hot model. A super duper sports hero. And thats it. Simple right?

As if Tom Brady did not have everything already.... he now has the world's hottest babe as his wife.... Lucky bast... I tell you boss, some people... Likha Kay latey hai

Useless Book

So I am loving this Book of Useless Information that i read while traveling. It's fun. It has trivia like.. "Both Hitler and Napolean had one testicle"

(Well then.That explains)

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Blue Bike said...

exactly !!!

Its no point climbing the ladder just because someone else did ... also why the hell should we care who is what ... as long I'm getting a decent amount to meet my expenses... I dont care which direction the earth rotates ...

Will surely check out the book of useless knowledge.

Have a great weekend.