Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Difference is Sharp

"For top executives to award themselves these kinds of compensation packages in the midst of this economic crisis isn't just bad taste -- it's a bad strategy -- and I will not tolerate it."

Well said Sir!

Obama also willfully acknowledged his wrong judgment in selecting Tom Daschle for the post of health and human services secretary. It takes a man of character.

Contrast this to what's happening in India. A fellow Election Commissioner keeps going to the Loo during the meetings passing all sensitive information to his bosses at 10 Janpath. His colleagues come out to the press and make some serious charges against Mr. Chawla, who btw, should be holding the institute to high standards.But neither Chawla nor the UPA bosses care a hoot about CEC's report.(It is common public knowledge that Chawla runs a trust which is funded by Gandhi family, by the way. Mere "coincidence" may be)

And here's the best part. The same media, that would have gone hammer and tong about this scandal if any other party was ruling currently, conveniently removes the news item (completely) from headlines. It's like it never happened. (Try looking for the Chawla scandal in any major news media website. It's gone. Whoosh.. just 48 hours into it being exposed). And then here's how NDTV spins such a serious issue and trivializes the institution..

Check what the so called "Poll" says. If you read between the lines, what it's really saying is - is opposition going to take advantage of rift between CECs? ("Oh we are so worried if our dear rulers get exposed. Shame on you, Opposition, for dwelling on this trivial matter" sob.sob.sob.)

Imagine this being a scandal during NDA. I bet the poll would have been -
"Should the Ruling party use CEC as a tool to promote their own agenda". I am willing to bet anything on that. And I am also willing to bet that NDTV would have great number of shows .... like "We the People".. the "State of The nations"...debates and documentaries and what have you, to keep this in the foreground all the time. But since "there own" people are running the show, it needs the spin doctors.

NDTV has now bought over India Today group (the power of money, you see), and the last remaining citadel of non-Monarchical news media house has fallen. With TOI,IBN,HT,The Hindu,NDTV (of course) all into it's pockets, its advantage UPA.

Oh well. Let's resign ourselves for another 5 years of the same. I have, already.

Although I must give this to NDTV. They really know what side is buttered. These meaningless polls they have on their website, can really take one's goat. Boy! the way they spin. If for nothing else, I will give them all the Bharat Ratnas and Padma Bhushans available in President's shelves. They have got *it*. (Padma Shrees are already going to them all the years. Why not raise the bar a bit)

We are still a long way to go before a vigilant media (with views from both sides) matures into a more balanced domain. But till then, bloggers like me with our limited minuscule power (actually non-existent one) can keep challenging the Barkha Dutts and the Vinod Mehtas of the world.

For now... I will toast to that! It's a start alright.

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