Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Damp Squib!

What a pathetic response from Bobby Jindal yesterday. I mean come on.... People!

Here's a President, fresh from a massive win (his body language is showing), who's oratory was never in question, and one who makes an awesome speech. And then your response? A little boy called - Bobby!!

I mean Obama can carry Bobby in his pocket and no one would notice. OK, and by the by, Jindal needs a few things to get going. How about a speech writer for a start. We can work on making him look more 'presidential' in next 20 years or so. (Won't be easy though, given his performance yesterday)

I mean what a sorry reply to another remarkable speech by O. (I could see Nancy Pelosi getting orgasms sitting behind; At least it was refreshing to see her smile for a change)
I mean if Republicans think, that Jindal is the best they have got against a formidable guy like Obama; good luck to them really.

As Anderson Cooper of CNN said ... "Sarah Palin had a great night". U bet. Could not have said better.

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