Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Friedman makes some interesting remarks in his new post. I am not sure I agree with all.

The idea, however brilliant and even correct it may be or sound, won't fly with the lawmakers. Specially Dems, who have been fighting *for* protectionism (of American jobs) for last eight years. Just because they sit on this side of the aisle won't make them turn coats all of a sudden. After all they have their local votes to cater.

Politics and administration is a tricky business and O and his team are just about getting a taste of it even as they find their footing in the hill.

Friedman also fears that Silicon Valley will be another Detroit. Well, there's some 'creative destruction' for you right there, Mr. Friedman. Go figure!

And why have the new Googles and Apples to come from the valley? Wouldn't it serve the argument of creative destruction better if the next Google comes from India,China or God damn Luxembourg even?

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