Thursday, February 5, 2009

Pub Bharo

Kudos to Renuka Choudhary for coming up with such an idea. She has made a clarion call to the nation's youth to go and bharo all pubs.Yeah sure, that should help the cause!

Our nation needs more pubs. More power to youth!!!... Halla Bol... Go get drunk. Our own Minister is asking you to. In fact I'd go a step further. Make pot / mariuajana legal (like in Amsterdam). And while we are at it, i'd really like the good 'ol Beer to get a little cheap. I think our water problems really need a second look here. We drink too much of water nowadays. It's not potable and not healthy. Sigh!

P.S: Couple of years back, Renuka Choudhary passed some bills that brought about stringent laws against... hold your breath ... Yes. The EVIL Boy-Friends.... Yeah. She wanted to make sure, Boy Friends don't dump girls just out of the blue.
Well, talk of moral policing


baskar said...

I don't how she will react if Mutalik and co take arms against, hold your breath, prostitution!

Water Engineer said...

Renuka Choudhary has chosen the correct Gandhian tools for an un-Gandhian cause. What next, Renuka? Brothel BHARO??

Has she polled the parents on this issue?

Is she oblivious to the fact that very recently some fundamentalist muslim orgs. called that girls should not go to schools?

In Delhi, right under secular (sic) and liberal(sic) nose 1.75 lakh children have gone without admissions to schools?

I do not remember her taking up cudgels when female bar dancers were banned in Mumbai by the govt. of own paty.

She appears to be a minnister without work.

Rathchakra said...

They are all a bunch of dimwits. Renuka Chowdhary - if her fat ass enters one pub...there will be no room for others to "bharo" the pub. Maybe they should put that Mutalik and this babe together in a pub - problem solved. Such retards...ugh!