Monday, February 2, 2009

20 million and counting

According to a Chinese official an estimated 20 million (!!) jobs have been lost in China over past few months. 20 million is a massive figure even by Chinese standards.

Now I generally don't feel sorry for Chinese people (this open prejudice of mine stems from a certain things that I have known/read over the period of time.., ), but I do feel sad for those folks. Because those who have lost jobs do not belong to the powerful politburo of China and / or their foot soldiers. The complete totalitarianism of China can be suffocating for people without the right "connections". And this is applicable not only for China. You can ask some one from West Bengal (or may be get a glimpse in Venezuela). Totalitarian regimes have a way about them. You just have to suck it up to them if you want to move up the food chain.

For all it's ills, I think I am lucky to have been born and brought up in India. And even though I do have very strong reservations about the Congress party and the Monarchy that came along as a package, I still need to take a moment to appreciate the fact that they have helped keep democracy alive in India. With all it's imperfections, corruption and rag-tag mess, it still is better as far as I can tell.

I mean imagine a Slumdog Millionaire, being made in China! Would the dreaded Army/Police (of the Tienanmen Square fame) allow such an open display of Human Rights abuse and so called minority victimization? I wonder if Dan Boyle could even have put his foot in there? A country that wouldn't allow youtube videos and blogs,...nah.. I am thinking it wouldn't have taken the Boyle guy lying down. For all we know, they may have literally boiled him.

You know what, if i don't have a job, that's only so much depressing. Not having job, and not having an option to express freely or "create" freely can really mess up my equilibrium big time. I mean if i don't have a job, I at least want a place to freely express my frustration. If you bottle up that option of mine, I think, there's a good chance I will throw up. And not in a good way.

Anyways, to each his own as they say.

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