Thursday, March 12, 2009

phukat friday tp

Random rants

1. People should stop blabbering on cell phones in Metra. Especially when they are sitting next to me.

2. I am not sure why March has to be so cold in Chicago. That's so not 'cool'

3. I wonder if enough desi bachelors read to justify an online ad of

4. American's should just calm down now. We have got the Economic message. Rubbing it in 24X7 is not going to help.

5. Filing Taxes is one hell of a drag. But one of these days I will have to get off my bums

6. Tendulkar continues to defy me. I had wanted him to retire almost 4 years back. But I think he will stick around till 2011 World Cup.

7. I have a theory for all these shootings that happen in Western countries. It's because people live in splendid isolation. I may be 'splendidly' wrong though.

8. The phrase - 'I am just throwing it out there'.. is really being overused in our meetings now a days. Especially from the UI/Design folks. I'd say drop it already.

9. Frieda Pinto has been signed up for Woody Allen's next and there's also a buzz about she being in the new Bond movie. And all I can say is 'Howdy'!

10. The youtube on my iPhone has got latency and performance issues. I have no clue where to register a bug for this.


Rohit said...

'I am just throwing it out there'

Add this to that list -
"I am just going to indulge in some loud thinking so this might sound a little crazy..."

Which actually means "I have been practicing this line and researching this idea for several days now, but this way I will sound real smart and if the idea is shitty it was a random thought anyway.."

kautilya said...

haha..."indulge in some loud thinking" some BS there!

Rathchakra said...

Youtube on iPhone...reminded me of a Conan episode...things we have started expecting and how we still arent happy!!

Ohh and in the phrases add "Good for you!!" I want to punch any asshole who says that to me!

kautilya said...
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kautilya said...
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