Thursday, March 5, 2009

Dancing with the Wolves

Omar Hassan Al-bashir and China have a deal. China needs tons and tons of oil to fuel it's economy and Bashir needs tons and tons of money to fuel his genocide pogrom. Both need each other. And both have done a good job being together so far. China is getting it's regular fuel supply from Sudan and Bashir, well let's just say, he has easily topped Idi Amin.

Kristoff of New York Times argues today that..
We also must call on China to stop training the military pilots used by Mr. Bashir to strafe villages, and to stop supplying weapons and spare parts to Sudan as long as Mr. Bashir is in office.
Ya, good luck trying that. The Chinese could care less. They have a billion plus people to feed. For them Sudan makes business sense. 300,000+ Africans dropping dead like pins or not.

Meanwhile Bashir is busy celebrating and dancing on streets of Khartoum.

Last heard, George Clooney had contacted Dan Boyle in UK. He sees a good script in the making.

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