Friday, March 6, 2009

It happens only in India

Monkey Business

...Some things happen only in India, I guess.

Looks like now there's a monkey in Bangalore city, who would not allow the city authorities to demolish a Ram Temple; Of course that monkey is now a celebrity of sorts and is being worshiped by throngs of people...
"After the monkey assumed his role as ‘protector’, the devotees have started offering prayers to him, taking him to be an incarnate of Hanuman."
If I were to suggest something to those civic authorities I'd say stop monkeying around with him. The dude looks sharp.
As they say - 'WE ARE LIKE THAT ONLY'.

Stealing in broad day light
I love this. So Vijay Mallaya, the high flying corporate honcho goes all the way and gets these Gandhi glasses by paying 1.8million USD. I am sure he was expecting a pat on his back by the Government of the day. Instead here's what our Union Minister of Culture has to say - "We sent him to buy this.."

Mallaya must be like.."Wait a second, ...What,How,When,Where....???" ....LOL..good one, Ambika Soni! Talk of eating the Mallaya...I mean the Malai.... The term WTF does not even begin to tell this...

What's in a name?
One of my wife's co-worker's name is...mmm... how do I put it... not the "regular" kinds. On asking what's the story behind such a long name...He goes like this..

"My maternal grandmother wanted to name me Mosses so there's Mosses in it. My maternal grandfather's name is Samuel so it's in there too. My father's name is Daniel so there's Daniel in it. " And here's the knock out... "My paternal grand mother wanted Gyanraj to be my name. So I now go by the name Samuel Mosses Gyanraj Daniel"

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Rohit said...

Good ones.

Yes, the Mallya story is hilarious. Just the thought of Indian Government sending Vijay Mallya as an undercover agent to retrieve the items fully justifies a huge WTF!

And Mallya sends his proxy to the auction. Arey, if you are undercover at least don't sub-contract that yaar! :)