Thursday, March 5, 2009

Much Ado about...

So M.K Gandhi's glasses are being auctioned. I am not sure what all the fuss is about though? I tell you, getting outraged is our national pass time now.

James Otis, the current owner is auctioning it for some reasons. (Bad times I think!). If most Indians feel, these glasses are important, and should be with India, just go and buy them.

In fact while we are at it, I'd suggest India in general and Congress Party in particular should go on a shopping spree and take advantage of current economic downturn. Go, get all those Gandhi's and Nehru's stuff around the world. Both M.K Gandhi and J Nehru were rich NRIs at some point in time. I am sure they have a lot of other stuff up for grabs in London, South Africa and the US waiting to be auctioned...

And Congress Party is flushed with money. It has a multi-million dollar ad budget for coming elections. And more importantly, the "other" Gandhi family, the ones ruling us, have tax declaration in crores of rupees. I don't see how a set of glasses that cost around 20K can be such a big issue for them. After all Mohandas Gandhi was a lifetime member of the Indian National Congress, no?

Go for the KILL! Dodos.

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Rathchakra said...

Speaking for myself, it doesnt matter to me, but can see why some folks get riled up. Would be interesting to see a reaction if someone puts out MLKs items for sale in say, Phillipines. :-)