Monday, March 16, 2009

Capitalist Sport

My coworker Joe (name changed) took one at me at the lunch table last week. On my suggestion that we should look to Golf this summer for hanging out, he gave me some serious Blue-Collar-White-Collar mouthful...

"Golf is the ultimate Capitalist sport.", he said. "Acres and acres of well manicured lawns, caddies following you, carrying heavy duty stuff along, a handful of people watching, not to mention all the maintenance needed to keep the Golf courses going, using cheap labor from Latin America.....It's a vulgar display of riches and grand waste of resources"

There goes my Golfing pipe dream in smoke.

Boy o Boy! Not sure, what I said to deserve that onslaught.. But I was seriously considering Golf as my to-be Sport of the future.

I am not day dreaming, I have a hunch, I will be good at it. I know it's costly but so is Prius.

Now since the EVIL word Capitalism has got associated with that sport, makes me wonder if I should reconsider my options. But then Tennis , by same argument , should be off my plate too!

Damn. I can't be a free wheelie capitalist no more. Its a bad word.

Well, never mind. I think Ping Pong is not all that bad. I am getting good at it too...Should work for me I guess..

Post Script : I can only take solace in the fact that Cricket was once considered a sport of Aristocracy and Bourgeoisie

It is still considered bad by many a people.


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