Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Almost Weekend

# The Pope says condoms are the reason for increase in HIV cases.
And as I always say - 'In God we trust'

# The Goyal. This random item is the ultimate LMAO this week - read it
(Thanks Rohit for the link)

# Pak says, it's not happy with India's reply on 26/11 attack.
What did we forget to provide? Ass-prints of those Mo Fos??

# has an opinion poll on sexiest Bond Girls ever
Sans Halley Berry, the list seems inadequate to me.

# also has a chilling account of 26/11.
Makes my blood boil.

# This whole AIG thing has me thinking. At the rate we are printing dollars, would it be a good idea to buy stocks of company called Dollar Ink ?

# My 401K is clocking at minus 15% currently.
Such are the things that I am actually pleased with it.

# And thank you Ashu, for letting me know Citi is now trading at 3$. I was blissfully unaware I made a loss of 300% already [virtually speaking :)]

# Google is eying and IBM has made a bid for Sun Microsystems.Both these news items hit close home.

# I am trying not to join the twitter bandwagon. But one of these days I might...

# Ok,whoever contributed to this wikipedia link
You guyz rock!

# Apple has introduced 3.0 for iPhone
I'd say, this did not come a day sooner!

# My Toyota Prius has served me royally for 2 years now.
If there's one thing I am gona miss dearly if/when I leave US, the hybrid, it wud be.


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