Saturday, July 26, 2008

Take your pick

Today it was Ahmadabad.

Yesterday it was Banglore and some months back it was Jaipur

OK so we just live with this..,like forever, no?

This is what a top ranking police officer had to say - "Why do you ask us to comment whenever blasts occur? We, the policemen of India, are not at all getting any support from the system nor do we get support from the Indian media. People forget that terrorism is a battle that can be fought only with the help of the police. In the last five years the Indian police is fighting a lonely battle."

Well said Sir. We make heroes out of terrorists. Afzhal Guru for example. These cowards are becoming heroes thanks to people like Mahesh Bhatt, who make movies depicting an imaginative "victimization" of a particular community and then glorifying there so called rebellion against the system So appealing isn't it?.

We have tied the hands of the police force; because well, Police Force is all bad. Villains, right? Their only job is to harass oh-so-innocent guys of a particular community, right?

Tough situations require tough response from the system. We have not scaled our system well over the years. We copy pasted and created Laws that were a legacy of the British. And over last 60 years we have not really bothered to upgrade those laws to handle new kinds of lawlessness.

The current government under whose 4 years (mis)rule we have seen the most number of attacks has been singularly lackluster and has made no efforts to take up this issue head on. They have even clipped Modi's hands by not allowing Gujarat governments tough laws to come into force by refusing to sign it. Patil tai is sitting on those papers for like ever.

Israel is a democracy like ours. They have liberals and conservatives. They have very strong religious groups operating withing the country. They have the most acrimonious debates and very huge differences amongst themselves. But when it comes to national security, they don't take chances. They are surrounded from all sides by hostile nations. Their west bank is every volatile. But they have now figured out a way to deal with this deadly and daily menace. They have by no stretch of imagination perfected the system. Yet they are effectively dealing with it.

We need to learn from Israel. It's important that India deal with this problem head on, instead of giving lofty lectures of peace to the world and sweeping it under the carpet, thinking it will take care of itself one day.

These cowards are already planning their next attack. What city,street or Mohalla, no one knows.

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