Thursday, July 17, 2008


Friedman makes a very appropriate point in his last column.

Quite frankly I am a little tired of America bashing now. The world at large, I feel, needs to look at itself and in the mirror before conveniently blaming everything on the "evil big brother". Apparently most of these 'hate america' folks go to sleep every night thinking they have done with their quota of America bashing for the day; and now angels will come and rule the world. And they are all around the world. I specifically remember a group of young,cool, hip French dudes at a cafe in Paris who were interviewed by Friedman for his "Flat World" documentary on Discovery Channel. Those guys were spewing venom on USA as Friedman did not even bother to reason with them.

I am in the midst of writing a post about my views about America. But for now, it is my considered opinion that USA is not all about oil, bombing, invading etc. There's another side which is never passionately discussed as much as the so called "evil" side.

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Rathchakra said...

Totally agree with Friedman and resonate his feelings. I would also love to read more about the "other" side but will not call the "evil" side as a mere allegation :-) I am one of the America bashers, although I do greatly appreciate the good part of it...the sheer fact that I can bash it while making a career and life here itself makes this a great country. Just so to clear my my loyalties & not get them mixed up - it's the American people (to an extent) that I like more, not the if I had to choose the people to work with and live with in the world it will most certainly be the Americans. Today this nation is at a very crucial cusp in it's own history, what it does in the next decade or so might just shape the world history.