Thursday, July 10, 2008

Dabbewale of Bombay

Only in this awesome city could have this system been such a huge success

"Harvard Business School has produced a case study of the dabbawalas, urging its students to learn from the organisation, which relies entirely on human endeavour and employs no technology." says this article in Economist. And why not? All great management trends are not necessarily to be found in costly books.

On a side note - it kills me to see Bombay's current state. It used to be my favorite city growing up. Santacruz, Versova, Ville Parle, Chembur.. I miss those awesome suburbs.
Hope to write a post soon on the decline of Bombay.

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Blue Bike said...

ya and many celebs who've visited bombay, met up with these dabbawalas...
even Bill Clinton and Prince Charles :)