Friday, July 18, 2008


OK, so I decide I don't want to have all those junk posts stuffed in my mail box everyday. (As PuLa would have said - "kay shinchi katkat aahey").

So I go to this website to de-register myself from unsolicited junks. And just when I am about to submit, i get this...


Are you sure you want to proceed?

The average household can save $1422 dollars per year from marketing offers. By eliminating all mail offers not only will you miss out on these savings, but you’ll miss out on at least 80% of all commercial offers and discounts!

And you will miss the environmental benefits of shopping at home rather than driving to the mall!

By replacing just two shopping trips to the mall each year with shopping by catalogs or direct mail, DMA estimates that Americans could:
  • Reduce the amount we drive by 3.3 billion miles.
  • Reduce carbon dioxide emissions by more than 3 billion pounds.
  • Save more than $490 million on gas costs.
When you click here, your name will be removed from future consumer prospect lists and you will see a significant reduction in all catalog and other commercial offers. If you wish to reconsider, click here.


I am like what the.... ? Why am I being lectured on saving mileage? I don't make mall trips based on those junks? And I have never saved a penny in my life using those so called coupons and deals? I never get deals, even I want to. And what about tons of papers I save? I might save atleast 5 trees worth of paper every year if I do not get these junk mails every day, no?

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