Thursday, July 24, 2008

Wonder how this all works?

So Bush called Manmohan Singh on the phone and spoke about the N-deal.

Got me thinking, how does this all work? Is Bush calling from his cell? Obviously not. I can't think of Bush having Manmohan in his favorites list on Iphone; assuming Bush knows how to use the Favorite List feature in the first place.

Anyways, so here's how I think it all works. A fictional demented account..

Bush's White House foreign affairs secretary (I am just making this up, so please bear for sometime) gets a call from US Ambassador in India. He tells the White House guy - "OK, dude, M Singh got through. Now we are good. Give him a call, will ya? "

The Secretary in White House is like totally zapped- "Mmm... what GOT THRU? What the..f.. r u talking about? And who is M Singh"

Ambassador - "The Nuclear Deal, you MORON. The N-deal got thru. And M Singh is Men-Mohen. MenMohen Singh .. but spelt M-A-N-M-O-H-A-N, .. in India, remember?"

Secretary - "Easy tiger. I got it now. What time is it there?"

Ambassador - "What kinda question is that? Anyway it's like 1:00 am here. Yeah - they were fighting over that issue for the whole fking day in Parliament. Finally some suitcases made good and they got few buggers to jump the fence"

Secretary - "Suitecases?"

Ambassador- "Look I can't explain. Just ask Bush to call that Singh guy tomorrow, will ya?"

Secretary - "Ya ok ok. I will see what I can do"

Ambassador - "And remember. It's Manmohan Singh. M-A-N-M-O-H-A-N Singh. India. I repeat India."

Secretary - "Ya got it, you Deutschbag. Don't rub it in."

And he hangs.

Bush comes out in his jamies after a nice little brunch. Ham and Cheese and all. Half sleepy rubbing his eyes asks this secretary - 'So whats the deal for today?".

Secretary - "It's the N-deal Sir. N-Deal"

Bush -"Wot the f.. r u talking of? N-Deal? I don't use no 'N' word here!"

Secretary - "Sir, Nuclear. Nuclear deal with India. That next to Pakistan"

Bush - "Oh. Noocealear. yeah yeah. That one. Wot about that?"

Secretary - "There was a call from Ambassador in India. He says the PM of India won the majority vote for it to pass through parliament. And now you can call him"

Bush - " Oh crap. Not more paper work !!!! Condi, is it necessary? Can't we just forget this deal, wotever the is, already?"

Condi Rice - "George, looks like that Singh dude has put his neck on the line for this one. We need to back him up."

Bush - " OK OK. But, can't I speak to that babe instead? What's her name, the one from Italy. She is pretty neat... (Wink Wink).. This guy... I don't know. I can't figure wot comes out of his mouth"

Condi - "George, just deal with it, will ya? India can be a good counter to our new competitor. You know what I mean?" And now Condi winks at him.

Condi continues - "Just call him and congratulate him.. and thats it. We'll take care of the rest on administrative level"

Bush - "Gotcha Gotcha!!!... Guys... Can't I have a break from all this? OK, anyways I am starting my vacation next week over my ranch. I don't care... hahahaha."

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