Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Back in Business

Mr. Amar Singh of Samajwadi Janata Party is back in business. BTW, doesn't he so resemble the lech,fatso,khadi wearing politician depicted in all those 80s bollywood movies.

Here's his latest salvo

"Justifying his party's decision to join hands with the Congress after years-long bitter rivalry, Amar Singh said in the interview: "When Prakash Karat goes to meet Sonia Gandhi, it’s called ’suhaag raat’, but when we go to meet Sonia Gandhi, it’s called ‘balaatkaar’."

What language?


Blue Bike said...

ow ow ow ... Thats a bad way of addressing a prospective ally, understandably the Congress is not saying anything since it needs SP support. Imagine the amount of flak Bal Thackrey would have drawn, had he made the same statement.

kautilya said...

Thats a very good point you bring blue bike.
I have always argued that there are different standards that have been set for 'secular' parties as opposed to 'communal' ones (mainstream definitions). And as long as there are these different standards, the 'secular' argument will always come out hollow.