Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Sorry Jaipur

Jaipur - I am sorry. I am sorry that you lost 70 of your innocent citizens. But i am more sorry because I belong to Nation who would soon forget you and your lost lives and go on to live a routine life. A Nation that would like to believe, as long as it does not happen to "us" it's ok. I am more sorry because before the end of this week, those 70 lives will be numbers and statistics to be kept for future reference.

Jaipur - you are part of "India" but may be you are too far. Too far from our "mainstream" thought which is more worried about the security of our "stars", our "heroes", our cricketers. Don't get me wrong. We will provide the necessary lip service . We will say we "condemn" the attack. Our beloved Prime Minister although may not have sleepless nights for you as you are not an Indian Muslim "wrongly" held by the (evil) western governments. For our PM those 70 were just faceless individuals and he thinks he is too busy wasting sleep over those people. But again don't get me wrong, he will *loudly* and *clearly* condemn the attack. He may even ROAR for all you know. He will, with his pigeon chest puffed all of 25 inches and say WE WON'T TOLERATE this. So watch out for his unequivocal condemnation.

Jaipur - Currently we are busy with IPL and cricket. And you can understand.You are leading the table of points and have beaten even SRK's team, you should know how the cricket craze has engulfed all of us. May be that is why you were chosen as a site for carrying out these blasts. To send out a message to all Indians, don't WIN.

Jaipur - please don't get me wrong again. We are going to be lectured on communal harmony and secularism by our esteemed elite. We would also be told how the "spirit" of India recovers from such attacks, pretty soon. Infact before you read this, the spirit would have already recovered and would be healthy to face another blast at another city. So you already know the drill, don't ya? If not, ask Varanasi, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi, Coimbatore....

Jaipur - one bad news though. Even if somehow our central and state agencies are able to nab the culprits, say 2 years from now after intense search and investigation, you would have to wait for justice to be done. It is very likely that the justice won't be done at all. You know, we have a "human rights" industry in place here. There are some journalist and columnist who like to burn candles. May be they have a tie up with Dimple Kapadia who has a designer candles showroom. But anyways, so look out for those jack asses, oops, sorry elite jholawals. They would like lighting candles at India Gate to oppose the conviction of a terrorist. After all a terrorist is a human, no? So basically you will have to live with this idea that the people who killed 70 innocent others will be our governments guest as some journalists won't like it if they are hanged, although the terrorist has made chest-thumping declaration of killing 100s of Indians

And Jaipur - if you thought SRK's jumping like a kid over Shoibh Akhtar, India's latest star's, chest was inappropriate given the sad situation don't get him wrong too. SRK is pretty animated and i think he is smoking pot. He forgot that there existed a city called Jaipur. For him Knight Riders is all that is to India now. So sorry for his pretty graphic and animated "gay" show in front of the ever willing Kolkatta crowd. Sorry that this was happening, even when you were lifting debris over your dead bodies. I understand that, if it was another nation, the match would have stopped half way and at least a symbolic mourning of 2 minutes would have been done to show solidarity with you. But wait, Kolkatta is your rival now, so may be not. Apparently SRK was going to have a big party post match. Just a few hours after this tragedy. So in case you did not know this because you are busy sobbing, remember you heard it hear first (I need to keep the tradition of "Exclusive-Breaking-News" alive, you see)

So Jaipur - so long.


Rathchakra said...

Such a shame. This carnage has been around in the past and will continue. No city of India is safe anymore and no Government (does not matter which party is leading it) is going to help it make any better. Such is a state of the Nation. We have come to live with it. Nothing moves "us" anymore - includes the entire billion+ of "us".
Commenting on the previous post of Indian media being self involved when they put the IPL news as headlines the day after the Burmese cyclone, they did that the day after the Jaipur blasts too. The media has a very short lived memory, so no surprises there. :-)

Blue Bike said...

Very well written ... almost everyone can feel similar sentiments. Our entire governance system has become hollow by corruption and lethargy... people just dont care... and as you very rightly said ... as long as it doesn't happen to me ... I dont bother. Major problem is ... there are no incentives for people to be proactive... we dont trust the police and talking to police is considered a big hassle as opposed to developed countries where police are generally respected. The policemen in-turn have their own problems ...they're underpaid and understaffed, there's no one to take care of their families should they lose their lives on the line of duty so why should they care?
Something which has been rotting since past so many years cant change overnight we'd need a couple of responsible generations of good people to overcome all our problems so expecting utopia is simply unreasonable.