Friday, June 13, 2008

We live in a strange world

The guy who abolished one of the worst human crimes - SLAVERY - was a Republican

The guy who ordered bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the worst possible human massacre EVER was a Democrat

our liberal PM and one of India's most respected Economist call Bush, India's best friend

Although Al Gore happens to be the poster boy of Environmentalist's campaign of Go Green, it's the Conservative Republican Governor of California who makes remarkable strides in bringing out the strictest laws related to Environment. Talk of "talk vs real action" (Al Gore uses his own Chartered plane to move around, btw)

Bobby Jindal, a conservative gets Louisiana to top position on Ethic Laws beating Washington state. In doing so, making his own conservative base of rich politicians and Corporate houses see RED.

Renuka Choudhary, a loud feminist brings about the most damaging and draconian law in Indian marriages. Her law includes "boy friends" too. So much for her party's liberal views.

Narendra Modi, India's most hated political figure, brings about radical change in Gujarat. Ensures the school kids drop out rate falls by 70%, ensures 100% power in Rural Gujarat, ensures 15% growth rate beating nation's average by miles, makes his ministers and IAS officers visit villages instead of European vacation in summers, brings about the best infrastructure development in the state EVER.

Some trivia:

- India has been ruled by one family for more than 40 years now. So much for it being a democracy.

- India lost more soldiers in Sri Lanka, thanks to Rajiv Gandhi "trying to win Noble Prize", than to Kashmir terrorists.

- More riots have happened in states run by the Congress party than any other party. 5 times more people have died in Delhi riots of 1984, Assam massacre of 1983 and Bhagalpur massacre of 1989. Ironically all these "riots" were orchestraed by the Congress party of India.

- The richest political party in India, is CPM of Kerela.

- West Bengal was leading Gujarat and Maharashtra in all spheres till 1965. Then Communism happened to West Bengal.

- India's slow growth rate of less than 3% for 4 decades was derogatorily called "Hindu rate of growth". The term was coined by Nehru.

- Most communist leaders of the world send their daughters and sons to USA for higher education. Most of these sons and daughters settle in USA. The problem is - Communists call USA the most evil imperialist Empire of the world.

- Most people who hate America or America's way of life, prefer living here.

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