Sunday, June 22, 2008

Note to self

Changed pen-name from Kaunteya to Kautilya.
//todo : update email address soon.

-"Change is the only constant in the world"



Blue Bike said...

Quite a leap in terms of time ... from mythological times of mahabharata to a couple of centuries BC!!!

Btw, I just got an entire collection of Chanakya TV series which used to be shown on DD1.

kautilya said...



BTW, I had a reason for changing. My wife insisted that Kaunteya was not necessarily Karna, my fav Mahabharat character, but it could be any of Kunti's sons.

I was like.. neh..then it won't work for me :)))

I leaped to another era, as you said and picked up another favourite character of mine .. Chanakya ;)

Blue Bike said...

Thats true... Kaunteya could mean any of Kunti's sons... you might as well have tried "Jyeshtha Kaunteya" to be more specific :D