Thursday, June 5, 2008

Thats right, Mr.Prime Minister

My views are usually at loggerheads with current Indian government. But i fully appreciate the need to raise prices of fuel. For once I agree that the government of the day had no choice.
Here's the link to PM's speech

But there lies opportunity in every crisis. Here are a few things that government can start looking at.[This is the "aam aadmi's" idea]

1. All VIPs and VVIPs (like Robert Vadra etc) should not be allowed to use more than One Car. The entourage that usually follows one VIP costs like 5 times the fuel.

2. Each politician should pay for his own Gas. The state exchequer should not be subjected to expenses. Say for example, Lalu's moving around the country should be paid by from his own pocket. (Yeah i know i know... but what's the harm in dreaming)

3. Raise taxes on new Cars. In cities like Mumbai,Delhi, Bangalore force the state government to provide infrastructure.

4. Provide incentive for car pooling.

//todo: Note for myself: Pinch myself hard. Then remember, I am talking of bringing change in Indian political system. Then go back to sleep.bzzzzz...

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