Thursday, June 19, 2008

Impossible Is Nothing

{Copying this post from my old blog. This is about a year old post. Remembered this since its the soccer season again :)}

Adidas's new ad with the tag line - 'Impossible is nothing' - has caught my imagination. The ad has two Latino kids "imagining" a dream football team each. They toss and select a player each. They not only select players from different countries but also from different generations. At one end they have Zidane,Beckham and all and at the other end one guy selects Platini and Beckenbeur. And then they start playing till one of them is stopped by his shouting mom to stop playing and come back home.

The ad instantly touched my core. I could relate to it since when we were kids we used to do the same for cricket. For example me and my cousin in the backyard of the house would make two imaginary teams and select a player each and start playing. I would choose Australia or England and he would choose Windies or India. And then we would select players and play a 10 wicket game between just the two of us. That is he has to get me out 10 times so that "my entire team" is all out and then i would have to do the same :)

After seeing that ad i was reminded of those innocent days. In that sense the ad has a universal appeal. Showing how kids all over behave the same. All have their moms shouting to come home for having their bath or lunch or getting something from grocery store. And making sure she embarrasses her lazy son.

If an ad is all about sending a message, this ad has conveyed one too many. I must say i was impressed !!

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