Saturday, June 28, 2008


Coming from central part of India, you'd think I hate summers. It's the exact opposite. Summer was my favorite season. Well may be because of the vacation, but who's counting.

Summers remind me of....

- Cut golden mango slices at lunch
- Sleeping on floor with the dessert cooler on and the room darkened.
(This afternoon slumber is like *deep*)
- Sleeping on terrace at night. (And refusing to go inside when it rains)
- Mom's new fresh loncha (Raw Mango Pickle)
- Playing T.T on dinning table with cover of school notebook acting as Bat.(Disturbing others)
- Sugarcane juice in evenings
- Dinshaw's ice cream post Dinner.
- Playing cricket, morning and evening one session.
- Going to Father's native village
- Going to forest park nearby for a couple of days.
- Watching movies on a VCR.