Thursday, June 19, 2008

Nuke it

In an important editorial in Times of India today, the newspaper has made some valid points about the jinxed Indo-US nuclear deal.

The government of the day has nothing to loose if it goes ahead. The Left front, as we all know has more bark than bite. It won't dislodge this government. After all it's a free meal for them. The notion of "outside" support means, take all the pleasures of power at zero accountability. And Leftists have got habituated to this free power now. They never had it so good. So it's hard to see why they would want to go ahead and remove the support.

As a rule of thumb, you should always do what Left does not want you to do. Because Left will always align with something that is not good for the nation. Here's a list of things that Left did in past

1. They opposed English language education
2. They opposed introduction of Computers in West Bengal
3. They supported British during Quit India.
4. They supported China during Indo-China war
5. They support China over human rights and Tibet

These are only a few of the things they did. And India was better off doing the exact opposite.

But here's the real thing. We need to get into the nuclear club. More so for the technology. As the article argues, its not about India and USA. It's about India and the world. India cannot keep itself cut off from the emerging nuclear technology. It will have to keep it self updated and upgraded all the time.

Second point and the biggest need is Nuclear energy. We need 100s of MWs of power in coming years. We just can't afford to be complacent. As more industries grow, more middle class grows, we need more power. We are facing and going to face acute power shortage in coming years. This deal is about national crisis and not about foreign policy.

I have zero respect for MMS and this government. But I am pro-Congress on this issue. (As i have argued in the past. I believe in being pro or anti issues, rather than personalities or parties). For this particular issue I am pro-Congress and anti-BJP and of course i do not even consider Left's opinion to have any rational. (I don't know what the f... BJP is opposing this for)

Left is opposing only because it does not want to be seen doing business with US, which according to them is world's EVIL DEVIL. Thats their only problem. All this talk of 1-2-3 agreement is pure bull shit. It's easy to see that the Left is prostituting for China, the client who the left service royally at India's cost.

So I'd say to Sardar Manmohan - go ahead. Nuke it man.
For God sake, you will have at least something to show for your 4 years in power, apart from inflation, terrorism and disrespect of your government towards Nation's constitution i.e your suffocating of democracy in Bihar,Goa,Jharkhand.


Blue Bike said...

Even I've failed to understand why BJP (NDA) is opposing the nuclear deal. They never came out with any reasons, atleast not that I know of.

In this regard I'd very much appreciate Sharad Pawars maturity. Right after the PokhranII tests, when a lot of opposition parties were screaming and shouting against the government, he as the leader of opposistion requested those members not to create panic and think in national interest.

I really wish BJP would do the same and show that it can side with the government for the greater good.

Kaunteya said...

@BlueBike : Yeah, the only possible explanation being, they don't want to be seen aligning with Congress and let the Left occupy the opposition space in case of elections.

But that is very lame of BJP to think that way. It could have grabbed this opportunity to come across as a matured party who thinks about Nation above everything. It would have certainly helped BJP raise it's brand and image.
What surprises me is Brijesh Mishra and APJ Kalam, both from NDA have openly come out in it's favor and yet BJP won't budge. I think they are confused and sadly so.

Blue Bike said...

well, I did a little more R&D and found (from The Hindu) that though BJP leaders per se are not opposed to the deal, the party line is that there should be restructuring of the Hyde pact which allows India to continue Nulear tests.

Apparently, the RSS is opposing the Nuclear deal so much to the extent of praising the communists.