Friday, June 13, 2008

OOOOOOOOOrange !!!!!

The "Orange" Dutch decimated the French 4-1 just couple of minutes back in Euro 2008. And I am loooooooooving it. I love it when France soccer team looses. And it may have something to do with this little game that i saw as a kid. It was the quarterfinals of 1986 Mexico WC. Unbelievable game that was. Some people with knowledge of football have called it the greatest WC game ever.

Anyways, since i was supporting Brazil that day and have always been since then, I started "hating" the French team. And always rooted for the opposite side.

Today the Dutch were awesome, as they were 3 days back against the Italians. 4-1? Man, if you beat the French 4-1, you got to be the tournament favourites. Schneider's goal was awesome but, the best goal was the second one set up by Arjen Robben's. And he topped him up with his own goal just few minutes later.

Would like to see thee teams make the Semi-Finals line up : Holland,Spain,Portugal,Turkey.

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Blue Bike said...

yep :)
Oranje won!!
or rather Les Bleus lost =)

and the dutch do look in solid form, hopefully they dont fall down to someone elses lucky day.