Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Worli Sea Link

The megapolis has something to cheer about. The Bandra-Worli Sea link was inaugurated today. Having driven through S.V Road (either in personal transport or more on Mumbai's B.E.S.T) a zillion times in my life, I can imagine what a relief this bridge will bring to commuters.

S.V Road could not take it anymore. It needed a partner to share the burden and this sea link looks like a good friend in need.

Mumbai pays 60% of India's income tax, and unfortunately, it has little to show for all it's tax money.

What really gets me the goat though is to see these self-serving politicians all lined up to take a picture. Look at these lecherous souls all smiling ear-to-ear.. Look how they all show up when "it's done" finally. Now they can have their claim to fame. Like Shiela Dixit, who's still milking the Delhi Metro cow. And how!

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