Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Beauty over ranking..

Wimbldon folks have admitted that they prefer beauty over ranking..

[..] Wimbledon has become the first Grand Slam to admit that they do consider looks over ranking when deciding on who should play on Centre Court. They don't call it sex appeal but box office appeal.[..]
As a lover of sports I am appalled. But lez be honest guyz; I have to add that as a Man (from Mars) I am not ;-).

I would have to quote Chandler from Friends here - "I tried to look up for Billie Jean King, but no one posted one!"

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Rathchakra said...

Would take this "news" snippet with a pinch of salt. Up until the quarters (sometimes even the quarters) the scheduling of who will play on what court is pretty much on ranking and/or native players of the country hosting the slam. E.g: In most cases Andy Roddick will play on Arthur Ashe at the US Open and Andy Murray will play on Centre court at Wimbledon.