Sunday, July 5, 2009

Its West. Its Wild

Some quick notes I made on our weekend trip to the Colorados (//todo : update with pictures)

- Our B&B is awesome. It's like a very old Victorian mansion; and I am glad paying through our noses for this wasn't such a bad idea.

- Built in late 1800s we got a quick tour of it's history even as we settled inside.

- We can see the Pike Peaks right from our backyard where we have our breakfast.

- Its cool to have someone personally serve you breakfast in this country. The owners are pleasant!

- There's a whole wedding party in our company here @B&B. Although can't figure out who the groom and bride is. My better half seems particularly interested. (Women, I tell you)

- Royal Gorge is super duper hype. If you are not interested in engineering of bridges this Patel Point can be avoided.

- Loved our trip to the Peaks at 14,000+ feet above sea level.

- It suddenly became extremely foggy at the top even as our Train reached the summit.

- Trivia This : The Pike Peak is the 2nd most visited mountain after Mt. Fuji.

- Had small talk with tour guide. I like to do that. She was smart and chirpy.

- We have cris-crossed around 300 miles of CO state. It doesn't get more Wilder and Western than this. I always get a feeling that Cohen bros are shooting somewhere on the next junction of state highway.

- What's with the obsession of horses in this state? There's a stable at every nook and corner.

- Rocky Mountains is more touristy than Glaciers in Montana.

- Damn! we got blocked again on the highway by someone taking pictures of Elk Bull.

- Things to do: Take a bike and take a hike. Do some rafting.

- Tip : Spend more time in Rocky Mountains. Choose spring time if possible.

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