Saturday, July 18, 2009

Weekend Twits

- So even after gulping a few beers in our Agile Scrum room, we could not come up with a name for our new team. Looks like we need more Beer-Fridays@work.

- Called up my good'ol' college friend 'S' in Nashik. Little did I know I would be connected to 6 others via conference. Chiwda galore and I was laughing till my throat dried.

- A new Desi theatre has come right next door in our Burbs. With "Bombay Chat House" adjacent to it, this place is fast turning into an Indian Katta.

- Saw Quantum of Solace on DVD. Why are these people hell bent on destroying the Bond Franchise?

- I got sucked into debate, my two co-workers were having over (you won't believe) - Lord of the Rings. I finally added it to my netflix list; The extended versions of that. I hear it's painfully long.

- A guy in the car front of me on the light was busy picking on his nose and was in intense 'tandri'. I finally had to honk him... It was hilarious and gross at same time.

- It's been a while since I got hooked to anything on Cable. The last thing was Sopranos. Even HBO sucks big time. (At least the ones we have)



Blue Bike said...

Try catching an HBO series called "The Wire" if you havent seen already ... though off-air now ... Its worth it even if you netflix their DVD's

Rathchakra said...

And 'Entourage'...the new season just started!! Catch them all on Netflix....the best TV show about the inner workings of contemporary Hollywood. "Let's hug it out, Bitches"

kautilya said...

thanks guyz. will check'em