Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Hayward 2k ,Gold Flake & 48 Rupees

What's the best way to spend Rupees 48? What's the worth of 48 Rupees?

Well, I can't buy a New York Times with that money today. But sometime back, during our college days (yeah right... those days!) it could buy us everything. Everything we wanted, that is!

Imagine this. You hop on a Maharashtra State Transport Bus, the awesome red colored monster with Dolby stereo sound effects under your seat, pay a grand total of 2 Indian Rupees to the dead-stone-faced conductor who was least interested in anything life has to offer. You get down at the college town's "downtown", and head straight towards a shady Bar & Restaurant called Golden; and there's nothing 'golden' about it. You order a Hayward's 2000 and Masala Baigan plate with Tandoori Roti; trying to see the face of the waiter through the fog of cigarette smoke and then you ignite that ultimate Cigarette man ever made - Gold Flake. What a killer combination!

Masala Baigan, Haywards2000 and Gold Flake. Try to top that, and you get a free ticket to Vegas.

I have to tell you this. There's no cigarette like Gold Flake. None. It's the epitome of cigarette-ness; if there ever was. It's ITC's gift to mankind.

And then add to that, the absolutely shoddy and cheap beer called Hayward 2000 and you are "Golden".

So if I have to paraphrase this whole thing...

Bus ride to city square and back - 4 Rupees.
One Hayward 2000 - 32 Rupees
One Baigan Masala plate - 8 Rupees
Tandoori Rotis - 4 Rupees

The memory of all this; a decade too late : Priceless

What can I say; visiting Jannat cost us just 48 Indian rupees. End to End.

[P.S: I quit smoking few years back.]


Rathchakra said...

How green was our valley!! was GOLDEN. Over the years one realizes that the satisfaction from a meal or a drink was more from who it was shared with than the meal/drink itself, innit!! Love those times.

Indradeep said...

Hey wasnt it Haywards 5000 - dont kill the punch by stating it as 2000.
Or was it a lighter version that you guys had - a la BUD Lite :-)

kautilya said...

naha.. 5k was banned.. half way through and only 2k was available as far as my memory serves.
probably could not pass the "tough" FAI regulations of India ;)

Rathchakra said...

No I think it was 5k during our days, also there was a Canon 10k - the most vile tasting beer (or was it Vazeer?) And lord the size of those bottles...dunno if they are still sold in the same size!! I am thinking they are, since I spotted these bottles on my trip to Gujarat last year where the dhabas would use them for serving fresh buttermilk....wonder where a dry state like Guj got them from :-) Towards the end the likes of PC and Ganoo started the Fosters or San Miguel thing.

kautilya said...

so its 2 against 1.. i stand corrected then :D

Anonymous said...

The lingering taste of Karad. Wonder if that place still exists.

sharif said...

you have forgotten to add one special item,aslam ka egg bhurji and pao for Rs.5.opposite the bus stand.