Thursday, June 18, 2009


Take your pick : Some call him Akhmanadinajad and some call him Ahmadinajad. You guyz, pick one! (He won anyways)

B-Grade Actor : So this bollywood 'actor' called Shiney Ahuja has been accused of raping his maid. What is clearly a perverted piece of news, has now been converted into a public orgy of ridiculous proportion. Check the message board. (Sample this : all that shines aint gold!!truth is ugly always preferably covered nice masks...)

T20 : And by the way, its now official. SA is cursed. Next time they should just show up on the day of semis and go back. That's as far as they can go anyway.

Not you 2 : There has been a demand in certain quarters that Delhi should be named Dilli. That would complete the full circle. Delhi is last citadel holding on.

Office Sport: TT, Yes. This would be my next new thing. Although I still feel I am a decent foosball player, I think I am getting better @ ping pong. If I can get past office champ Mohammad, I think I may break the glass ceiling.

Stallone : In a new bollywood flick, Sylvester Stallone and Dennis Richards have been cast. This is a loaded with symbolism. Remember a time when we had the the one-offs, sprinkled here and there. A Kabir Bedi , an Om Puri, an Amrish Puri.. playing something trivial in Hollywood. The wheel is turning....

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