Tuesday, June 9, 2009

'Define Nuisance'

This clearly implodes with WTF-ness...

A nudist couple , blissfully ignorant of their free willy exposure to the outside world has lodged a complaint with the police that their landlord is discriminating against them!
"We want our freedom," said Robert Pierce, 58.
To be fair to this nonchalant couple who apparently carry no inhibitions what so ever, the Law *is* actually on their side. It is legal for them to roam around the way, they do..

My favorite part of the story though is this..
Betsy Martens, executive director of the Boulder Housing Partners, which administers Boulder's affordable housing program, told the Daily Camera newspaper that defining the word nuisance is difficult.
I would have to agree here. Difficult it is. You cannot define nuisance. One man's nuisance is other man's right in this case.

Boy! what a pickle.

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