Sunday, June 7, 2009

Weekend Listee

French Open : So it was Roga all the way! What a mincemeat he made of poor Soderling in the no-match finals. I am guessing Roger's win would have been sweater if Nadal was the one he was taking for breakfast. Nevertheless he is the undisputed King of the lot. (I am still not givin in the notion that he is the 'greatest ever'. That would take a lot of convincing)

Obama : Lot of fuss was made over Obama's 'historic speech' to the "muslim world" this week in Cairo. Not sure what was so different about the speech. He pretty much spelt out the same old stuff, only in a more immaculate manner. But since it came from Obama, mainstream media as a rule has to go gaga.

'Left-wing extremism': This article in Times of India made an interesting read. I feel like we've seen this before .. "..which extort the money hardly pump it back for running the movement but instead use it to maintain luxurious lifestyles for their masters". Mmm... I am reminded of messrs Yaser Arafat,Castro and Co.

Bizarre : There's something freaky about this piece of news.

Rajeev Motwani : Became more famous after he died, than he ever was when alive. And also because of this tribute

On a lighter note : My wife's friend who visited us this weekend commented that I have put off a lot of weight. I instantly jumped on the scale only to see no change whatsoever. Nevetheless, I could not bring myself to tell her that I was more worried about my 'pait' than weight. (If only my PJs had the more edge)


mazhalai said...

well Roga only took 7 years to equal the record and he is only 27... can't wait to see what he is capable of. however, donno if you saw stats in the LHS of this. just making my case!

kautilya said...

Mazhalai: Thanks for that link. I am just going to quote from that link actually.. "Many variables come into play when comparing eras."

Which is why I do not like comparing people from different eras. Also I am myself a big fan of Fed, yet the fact that in his own era he has a 13-7 losing record against the "second best" doesn't help his case.

All said and done, I think Sampras was the best during his time and Fed is best during his... Taking another quote from the artice..

Though no fault of his, some say Federer has had few great players to push him until Nadal, while Sampras battled numerous multiple major winners such as Agassi, Jim Courier, Stefan Edberg, Boris Becker, Sergi Bruguera and Gustavo Kuerten.

That pretty much settles it for me.