Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Genie is out..

Some quick notes on Iran..

- For what it's worth, the post election situation has broken all stereo type about Iran society.

- It is striking to see, young men and (more importantly) women on streets openly defying a brutal regime

- Unless Iran does a Tienanmen Square, it's hard to see how they can put the genie back in the bottle

- Even if it was assumed that CNN and it's ilk are streaming only one side of the story (as it suits them), the fact that even some %age of population is out on streets still means a seismic shift in middle-east universe.

- This may not be a game changer , in the same sense as, say, a Berlin Wall or implosion of East Block, yet in many ways, it is a precursor of the trajectory the region is likely to take..

- If it's Iran now, it may be Jordan, Egypt and Lebanon next.

- Like India, 60% of Iran is "young". The message is clear. And it says loudly and clearly; "Talk Economics and Opportunity".

- Technology is name of the game. This could be the first Twitter Revolution of our times

- And finally, watching the "Neda" video was heart breaking. Hope she becomes the rallying cry of young Iran and her sacrifice augurs something fruitful..

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