Friday, May 15, 2009

What a joke!

One should seriously question the wisdom of having elections in India anymore. I think we are better off just "handing over" the power of governance to the "first family". Actually we should not even have democracy. Let's just officially become a Monarchy instead of shying away from that term. At least the Monarchs are good at stacking up all the cash in Swiss banks, allowing the Talibanization of India, that allows more and more 26/11s (helps population control i guess) and making mockery of democracy at easy whims.

It is apparent that no one will get a enough seats to form the central government. But here's the best part, the same people who fought with Congress during the elections will come together to form the government with it to "keep the Devil BJP" away from power.

So the most likely government would be a combination of the following 1] Sonia Gandhi Inc (a.k.a Congress Party) 2] Communists 3] Mulayam and/or Mayawati 4]AIADMK 5]BJD 6]Chiranjeevi's party etc

And all these people were actually fighting Congress (and not BJP) during the elections. lol!

Boy!, were it not for the Mullah-Marxist-Media trio, Congress and the "secular ilk" would have been decimated. But then the media demonization of the "Hindu" party is so complete now, that half the nation does not even care and other half has been hoodwinked by the Barkhas and Somini Senguptas of the world that they can't even see through their agenda. (I wish we had more MJ Akbar's and Swapan Das Guptas. But alas!)

So again, why were the elections held at all? For one month so much of money was spent, so many resources were occupied, so many gallons of gas was used in campaigning.. all for what? So that all people who fight against each other finally come together to hold the power?

It's like Obama and McCain fighting for one long year and than finally when results are out, Obama makes Sarah Palin the Vice President and Mitt Romney the Treasury Secretary. It's almost like that in India now; only worse.

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